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Soft Bath Toys: Embrace the Weather Clouds

  • Item No.: 4 types of weather clouds
  • Packing Mode: Card head bag
  • Ability Development: Intellectual development, grasping, hearing
  • Product Category: Splashing water
  • Category: Paddling
  • Water Toys Category: Water toys

Explore the Weather Clouds

  • Engage in Imaginative Play: Let your child’s imagination soar with these Soft Bath Toys featuring 4 types of weather clouds. Watch as they create stories and act out weather scenarios during bathtime, fostering creativity and imaginative thinking.

Intellectual Development and Grasping Skills

  • Promote Intellectual Development: These Soft Bath Toys are more than just fun companions. They serve as educational tools, introducing your child to the concept of weather clouds and enhancing their understanding of the world around them.
  • Enhance Grasping Skills: The soft and tactile nature of these bath toys allows your child to practice their grasping skills, improving their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills as they interact with the clouds during playtime.

Hear the Sounds of Splashing Water

  • Sensory Stimulation: These Soft Bath Toys offer an auditory delight during bathtime. Squeeze them to hear the gentle sound of splashing water, creating a sensory experience that captivates your child’s attention and enhances their bath play.

Fun Paddling Experience

  • Water Play Fun: Transform bathtime into an exciting adventure with these Soft Bath Toys. Their floating design allows your child to enjoy a fun paddling experience, making every bath a memorable and enjoyable activity.

Discover the World of Water Toys

  • Expand Water Toy Collection: Add these Soft Bath Toys to your water toy collection. They are designed to complement other water toys, providing endless opportunities for your child to engage in water play and explore the wonders of aquatic adventures.


Product Description:

Soft Bath Toys: Sparking Joy and Learning in Bathtime Adventures

Unleash Imaginative Play with Soft Bath Toys

Dive into a World of Creativity and Exploration

Let your child’s imagination soar with our Soft Bath Toys. Designed to transform ordinary bathtime into a world of endless possibilities, these delightful companions bring joy and learning to every splash. With their vibrant colors and charming designs, our bath toys capture the attention of young minds, sparking imaginative play and making bathtime a truly magical experience.

Safe and Soft for Gentle Bathtime Fun

Crafted from high-quality materials, our Soft Bath Toys are designed with your child’s safety in mind. The soft and flexible construction ensures a gentle touch on delicate skin, providing a comfortable play experience. These toys are free from harmful chemicals, making them safe for your little ones to enjoy during their bath adventures.

Interactive and Engaging Fun

Our Soft Bath Toys are more than just cute companions – they are interactive playmates that encourage engagement and skill development. Each toy is designed to be easy to handle and squeeze, allowing your child to create stories, act out scenarios, and develop their fine motor skills. Watch as their creativity blossoms and their imagination takes flight during bathtime.

A World of Learning in Every Splash

Educational Tools for Early Development

We believe that learning should be a part of every child’s playtime experience. That’s why our Soft Bath Toys go beyond entertainment and serve as valuable educational tools. With features like numbers, letters, shapes, and colors, these toys introduce basic concepts in a fun and engaging way. Your child will have a blast as they explore and learn during their bath adventures.

Counting and Sorting Fun

Our Soft Bath Toys feature numbered elements, providing the perfect opportunity for your child to practice counting and sorting skills. Watch as they arrange the toys in different orders, improving their numerical knowledge and cognitive abilities. These toys make learning math concepts a splashing good time!

Shape Recognition Made Easy

Shapes come to life in the bath with our Soft Bath Toys. From circles to triangles and squares, each toy represents a different geometric figure. By playing with these toys, your child will develop their shape recognition skills and learn to differentiate between different shapes. This playful learning experience sets the stage for a solid foundation in geometry.

Language Development and Storytelling

Encourage language development through conversation and storytelling during bathtime. Each Soft Bath Toy is labeled with its corresponding name, helping your child expand their vocabulary. Engaging in interactive play and discussing the toys’ features will foster their communication skills and creativity. Let their imagination run wild as they create exciting tales in the watery world of bathtime.

Soothing and Safe for Bathtime Bliss

Relaxing Water Play

Make bathtime a soothing and enjoyable experience with our Soft Bath Toys. These toys are designed to float effortlessly in water, allowing your child to engage in sensory play and explore the wonders of water. Watch as they splash, pour, and immerse themselves in a calming watery world.

Easy to Clean and Hygienic

We understand the importance of hygiene for parents. That’s why our Soft Bath Toys are easy to clean and maintain. Simply rinse them with water and allow them to air dry, and they’ll be ready for the next exciting bathtime adventure. Keep your child’s toys fresh and safe with minimal effort.

Perfectly Sized for Little Hands

Our Soft Bath Toys are specifically designed with little hands in mind. The size and shape of these toys make them easy for young children to grasp and hold, promoting their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Let your child’s confidence grow as they learn to handle and manipulate these adorable bath companions.

Create Lasting Memories with Soft Bath Toys

Gift of Joy and Wonder

Looking for the perfect gift? Our Soft Bath Toys are not only entertaining and educational but also make for a memorable present. Delight a child with the joy of imaginative play, learning, and bathtime fun. Whether for birthdays, holidays, or special occasions, these toys will bring smiles and create lasting memories.

Quality and Durability

We take pride in delivering high-quality products that stand the test of time. Our Soft Bath Toys are built to withstand the rigors of bathtime adventures and are designed to provide endless hours of fun and learning. Invest in toys that are durable, safe, and guaranteed to bring happiness to your child’s bathtime routine.

Join the Soft Bath Toys Family

Become a part of our Soft Bath Toys family and discover the joy and learning that comes with these adorable companions. Our collection offers a variety of characters and themes, allowing your child to build their own watery world of play. Shop now and embark on a bathtime adventure like no other.


Soft Bath Toys are more than just playful companions for bathtime; they are transformative tools that ignite the imagination, foster learning, and create lasting memories. These delightful toys bring joy and excitement to the water, turning ordinary bathtime into a world of endless possibilities. With their vibrant colors, soft textures, and educational features, Soft Bath Toys captivate young minds, sparking creativity and intellectual development.

Through imaginative play, children can explore a world of weather clouds, embark on exciting adventures, and engage in storytelling. These toys not only entertain but also serve as educational tools, introducing concepts such as numbers, shapes, and language. Counting, sorting, and shape recognition become enjoyable activities, paving the way for cognitive growth and a solid foundation in learning.

Bathtime becomes a soothing and enjoyable experience with Soft Bath Toys. The gentle splashing of water and the calming floating of these toys create a relaxing atmosphere, providing sensory stimulation and sensory play. Children can engage in interactive water play, improving their fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and grasping abilities.

Parents can rest assured that Soft Bath Toys prioritize safety and hygiene. Crafted from high-quality materials and free from harmful chemicals, these toys are gentle on delicate skin and easy to clean. Their perfect size and shape make them comfortable for little hands to hold, promoting confidence and dexterity.


Packing list:

A set of toys

 "Soft Bath Toy Set with Weather Cloud Characters"

Dive into imaginative play with our Soft Bath Toy Set featuring adorable weather

"Child Playing with Soft Bath Toys"

Watch as your child engages in interactive play and learning with our Soft Bath Toys.

Soft Bath Toy Floating in Water

These Soft Bath Toys effortlessly float in water, adding excitement to every bath.

"Soft Bath Toys in Various Shapes and Colors"

Our Soft Bath Toys come in a variety of shapes and colors, providing a stimulating play experience.

Soft Bath Toys for Safe and Fun Bathtime

Our Soft Bath Toys are designed to ensure a safe and enjoyable bathtime experience for your child.

Weight 0.45 g
Dimensions 230 × 130 × 160 cm
Color as shown
91 reviews

91 reviews for Bathtime Fun with Soft Bath Toys | Enjoy the Memorable Moments!

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  1. A***k

    Nice little toy, the baby loves it!

  2. C***o

    Fast delivery. Recommend

  3. D***a

    Everything came, very hard rubber does not press just flakes like a grill
    no remark

  4. D***a

    Everything came, very hard rubber does not press just flakes like a grill
    no remark

  5. T***a

    There is a small smell, but in general the toy is happy. The material is tough. Looks like in the photo.
    The child has not yet understood the point, but I think when it becomes older it will be interested.

  6. J***s

    The goods are very satisfied and the speed is very fast. I will come again if I have a chance

  7. M***y

    5 Stars,Arrived ok

  8. P***z

    Very nice pajamas, according to the description, very fast shipping thank you to the seller

  9. T***d

    Conform to the description

  10. G***a

    Блеклая моления.

  11. G***a

    The paint is offset in places (the figure itself). Not a bad toy. One set is enough.

  12. F***f

    Super! Reçu tôt

  13. M***n

    no remarkno remark

  14. A***a


  15. E***a

    Excellent quality baby like

  16. A***s

    Delighted with the quality of the product, and my super happy baby with your toys. The shipment was very fast.

  17. A***z

    muy bonita

  18. M***a

    Cute toy, I think my daughter will like it. In general, it's good, the only negative-on top of a slightly lubricated yellow color. But it does not prevent it from being used.
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  19. B***n

    Very cute, as described.

  20. A***r


  21. E***N

    exactly same as pictures super cute

  22. Z***r

    Product such as the pictures, but …. After filling water not flies from all holes… damage. Product nice. Zamówiłam chmurkę. Came in month
    no remarkno remark

  23. L***k

    Fast delivery and as described.
    no remarkno remark

  24. L***k

    Fast delivery! As described.
    no remark

  25. V***r

    I liked the goods

  26. I***r

    Хороший слоник, качество не вау

  27. Z***a

    All as in the picture. Very nice toy for children in the bath) Thanks!
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  28. M***i

    Cute, sin only that some holes no. Are open at all and I have metterci hand I.

  29. D***a


  30. R***r

    Милая капелька. Но очень твердая.
    Товар доставлен быстро, хорошо упакован. С продавцом не общались
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  31. A***a

    Very nice

  32. N***s

    Super Süß

  33. A***a

    Very hard plastic, I do not recommend that to "squeeze" water out of it you still need to do not baby effort…

  34. Y***y


  35. A***a

    Very nice:)

  36. E***o

    Транспортная вернула заказ продавцу, деньги вернули через спор без проблем. Продавец общительный, порядочный.

  37. D***z


  38. G***a

    Haven’t received the products.

  39. K***i

    it's so cool

  40. M***i


  41. G***o

    Suuuuper quick!! Literal in less than a month has arrived in peru
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  42. R***r

    душ из капельки льется не активно. сама
    игрушка красивая
    no remark

  43. A***a

    Very neat, quality. The only jet is thin only from above and from the Rotic. 1 strip of water.
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  44. A***a

    The quality is neat, they ordered a cloud, so-so drips, obviously not as in the description. But in general it's cute and I hope to like the child
    no remarkno remark

  45. R***z

    Perfect product, if I recommend

  46. N***z

    Very nice! Like photo

  47. F***f

    The toy is normal, the child likes, but the water flows out not as in the photo, going to one jet

  48. E***a

    Big One
    no remark

  49. R***r

    The child likes to play, but Jets are small and weak, not like in the video.

  50. A***r

    no remark

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