Baby bottle insulation


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Material; crystal velvet fabric

Note: The power bank needs to be purchased separately. Thank you

1. Q: What is the purpose of this baby bottle thermos?
1. Answer: The energized state of the Leke baby bottle insulation is at a constant temperature of 40-50°C, scientific research
It shows that the suitable temperature for baby feeding is 37-42°C, and the milk powder is more active
Nutritious. Use this to keep the baby warm while feeding, you can avoid the bottle
The milk powder inside becomes cold after drinking, especially in winter, it is more convenient to use

2. Q: Can it be used for heating?
2. Answer: For safety reasons, we adopt the national safety 5v voltage design,
Circulating constant temperature heating, low heating power, mainly heat preservation,
The heating speed is slow, generally 30°C water, the temperature will be constant in about 1 hour
Heat to 40-50°C. At the same time, remind everyone that you can add cold milk
The hot temperature is generally not lower than 80 °C, do not use that kind of protection
Warm cup to feed your baby.

3. Q: Are all kinds of baby bottles suitable? Will they smell? Can be removed and washed?
3. Answer: On the market, conventional cylindrical baby bottles below 300ml can be used, such as:
Pigeon, Philips, Aideli. For irregular shapes, please consult customer service.
This insulation cover is designed with a Velcro closure and can be adjusted in size.
Suitable for most baby bottles on the market. The insulation cover is made of cotton jacket,
There is no smell, the zipper opening design of the cloth cover can be easily removed and washed, dry
Net hygiene

4. How to use and how long can it be kept warm?
4.Answer: Wrap our baby bottle insulation sleeve to wrap the baby bottle, connect to the power bank or charge
Head use. 10,000 mAh power bank can keep warm for 5-6 hours, and the socket is charged
The electric head can be kept warm continuously.

Shopping Notes
Some issues you may be concerned about
In order to let you know more about the functions of this product, please read the following paragraph patiently:
We designed this USB baby bottle insulation cover with a national safety 5V voltage design,
The heat is provided by the power supply to achieve a 24-hour heat preservation effect, and the constant temperature heating is around 40°C.
It is a low-power heater, not a milk warmer to heat milk, and the heating speed is slow. Mainly used for heat preservation,
There is a difference with the commercial bottle warmer, which is the same for the 5V ones on the market. It is impossible to quickly heat all cold water to the specified water temperature.
It is to solve the problem of keeping the baby warm while feeding while going out. Moms no longer have to worry about the baby getting cold milk.
If it takes a few minutes, it’s ready. The heating is good, please be careful!
We] recommend buying an adapter package, which is equipped with a 5V2A original adapter plug,
Because many people’s home plugs can’t reach 2A. 2A is the current, which is equivalent to a fast charging plug.
Note that you need to use a power supply above 5V2A, lower than 5V2A will affect the heating speed,


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Weight 0.10 g
Dimensions 350 × 400 × 50 cm

Pink, Blue


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