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Product information:

Our Exciting Bathtub Toys for Kids!

  • Ability cultivation: Visual, hands-on, grasping
  • Interest cultivation and emotional development
  • Enhances parent-child communication
  • Interactive toys for endless fun

Colorful Characters to Spark Imagination:

  • Nemo (clownfish)
  • Dolly (blue algae fish)
  • Malin (manta ray)
  • Ke Luxi (turtle)
  • Bruce (great white shark)
  • Hank (octopus)
  • Lucky (whale shark)


  • Size: 3.5 * 7.2 * 6.8 CM
  • Applicable Age: Teenagers (7-14 years old)
  • Function: Water spray
  • Material: Vinyl
  • Packing Method: No packaging or bags

Cultivating Abilities and Fun-Filled Interactions:

Our bathtub toys are designed to engage children in a range of developmental activities while providing endless entertainment. Here’s what sets our toys apart:

  1. Visual Stimulation: The vibrant colors and adorable designs of our Nemo, Dolly, Malin, Ke Luxi, Bruce, Hank, and Lucky characters captivate children’s attention, stimulating their visual senses and sparking imaginative play.
  2. Hands-On Experience: Our toys offer a hands-on experience that allows children to interact directly with the characters. They can grasp, squeeze, and manipulate the toys, enhancing their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.
  3. Interest Cultivation: With their charming aquatic characters, our bathtub toys cultivate children’s interest in marine life. As they play with Nemo, Dolly, Malin, Ke Luxi, Bruce, Hank, and Lucky, children learn about different sea creatures, fostering curiosity and a love for the ocean.
  4. Emotional Development: Bath time becomes an opportunity for emotional development as children engage with our lovable bathtub toys. These toys can become companions, providing comfort and a sense of security during bath time routines.
  5. Parent-Child Communication: Our interactive toys facilitate meaningful parent-child communication. As parents join in the play, they can create special bonding moments, fostering a strong parent-child relationship and making bath time a cherished experience.

Choose our bathtub toys to make bath time not only a cleansing ritual but also a time for learning, fun, and connection. Crafted from durable vinyl material, these toys are built to withstand water play and provide long-lasting enjoyment. Whether your child sprays water, squeezes, or imagines exciting adventures with Nemo, Dolly, Malin, Ke Luxi, Bruce, Hank, and Lucky, our bathtub toys are sure to create memorable moments in the tub.




Products Description: 

Bathtub Toys for Kids: Enhancing Bath Time Fun and Learning

Dive into an Ocean of Adventure with our Exciting Bathtub Toys

Make bath time a delightful and educational experience for your little ones with our wide range of bathtub toys for kids. Designed to transform an ordinary bath into a world of imagination and learning, our collection offers a diverse selection of toys that captivate children’s attention while promoting sensory development and creativity. From interactive water-spraying toys to floating animal friends, our bathtub toys are crafted with safety, durability, and fun in mind. Let your child embark on exciting adventures, discover new textures, and develop essential skills through play. With our carefully curated range of bathtub toys, bath time will never be the same again!


Benefits of Bathtub Toys

Bathtub toys serve as more than just sources of entertainment for kids. They offer a multitude of benefits that enhance their physical, cognitive, and emotional development. Here are some key advantages of incorporating bathtub toys into your child’s bath routine:
Sensory Stimulation: Bathtub toys engage multiple senses, such as touch, sight, and sound. Water-squirting toys, textured toys, and colorful characters provide tactile stimulation, visual stimulation, and auditory stimulation, respectively. By stimulating different senses, these toys contribute to the overall sensory development of your child.

Creativity and Imagination: Bathtime becomes a creative playground with the help of bathtub toys. Whether it’s a pirate ship sailing through foamy seas or a group of animal friends having a splashy adventure, these toys encourage imaginative play. Children can create stories, role-play, and explore their imagination in a safe and enjoyable environment.

Motor Skill Development: Many bathtub toys require squeezing, grasping, pouring, or hand-eye coordination to operate. These activities promote the development of fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination in young children. By engaging in these actions during bath time, kids can improve their dexterity and enhance their motor skills.

Cognitive Development: Bathtub toys can also contribute to cognitive development. Counting ducks, identifying shapes, and pouring water into different containers help children learn and practice basic math and problem-solving skills. These toys introduce early concepts in a playful and engaging manner, making learning an enjoyable experience.


Interactive Water-Spraying Toys

Dive into a World of Water Fun with Our Interactive Water-Spraying Toys!
Our collection features an exciting range of interactive water-spraying toys that turn bath time into a splashy adventure. These toys are designed to fascinate children with their water play capabilities, providing hours of entertainment and learning. Here are some of our top picks:

a) Ocean Explorers Submarine: Watch as your child’s face lights up with excitement when they meet our Ocean Explorers Submarine. This interactive toy features a colorful submarine design with a built-in water sprayer. By pressing a button, your child can activate the sprayer and watch as water jets out, creating a fun water fountain effect. The submarine design sparks imagination and encourages pretend play as your little one embarks on underwater expeditions.

b) Friendly Dolphin Sprinkler: Make bath time a splashy affair with our Friendly Dolphin Sprinkler. This adorable toy attaches to the bathtub wall and sprays water in a gentle, rhythmic pattern, mimicking the movements of a real dolphin. Your child will delight in the cascading water while developing hand-eye coordination as they try to catch the water streams. The dolphin’s friendly face and vibrant colors add a touch of charm to the bath area.

c) Magical Mermaid Water Wand: Let your child’s imagination soar with our Magical Mermaid Water Wand. This enchanting toy allows your little one to create magical water effects with a simple wave of the wand. By filling the wand with water and waving it around, they can create cascading waterfalls or mesmerizing water patterns. The mermaid-themed design ignites imagination and storytelling, making bath time an adventure in an underwater kingdom.

These interactive water-spraying toys not only entertain but also promote essential skills in young children. The hand-eye coordination required to activate the water sprayers enhances fine motor skills, while the imaginative play opportunities stimulate creativity. Additionally, the sensory experience of water on their skin contributes to the development of their tactile senses. Your child will eagerly look forward to bath time, transforming it into a fun-filled aquatic journey.


Educational Floating Toy Sets

Dive into Learning with Our Educational Floating Toy Sets!
Combining fun and learning, our educational floating toy sets offer a range of activities to engage young minds during bath time. These sets include various themed toys that float on the water’s surface, encouraging exploration and discovery. Here are some of the educational floating toy sets that we offer:

a) Alphabet Adventure Set: Introduce your child to the world of letters with our Alphabet Adventure Set. This set includes foam letters that float in the water, allowing your child to identify and match letters. The colorful and buoyant letters make learning the alphabet a playful and interactive experience. As your child plays with the letters, they will develop letter recognition, letter-sound associations, and early spelling skills.

b) Numbers and Counting Set: Make numbers come to life with our Numbers and Counting Set. This set includes floating number toys that allow children to practice counting and number recognition. Each number toy is designed with vibrant colors and textures, capturing your child’s attention while they learn. Counting the toys and arranging them in numerical order develops early math skills and numerical understanding.

c) Marine Life Discovery Set: Dive into the wonders of the ocean with our Marine Life Discovery Set. This set features floating sea creatures, such as fish, turtles, and starfish, which can be identified and sorted by your child. As they interact with the marine life toys, they learn about different species, colors, and characteristics. This set sparks curiosity and encourages children to explore the fascinating world beneath the waves.

By incorporating educational floating toy sets into your child’s bath time routine, you provide them with an opportunity to learn and reinforce foundational skills in an enjoyable way. The hands-on nature of these toys enhances cognitive development, fosters curiosity, and promotes a positive attitude toward learning.


Safety and Durability

Prioritizing Safety and Durability for Peace of Mind
When it comes to bathtub toys, safety is paramount. We understand the concerns parents have regarding their child’s well-being during bath time, which is why our collection is carefully curated to meet the highest safety standards. Here’s how we prioritize safety and durability:

a) Non-Toxic Materials: All our bathtub toys are made from non-toxic materials that are free from harmful chemicals, ensuring a safe and worry-free play experience. These materials are thoroughly tested to meet international safety regulations, giving you peace of mind as your child engages with our toys.

b) Rounded Edges: To prevent any accidental injuries, our bathtub toys feature rounded edges and smooth surfaces. These design features eliminate sharp edges, reducing the risk of cuts or scratches during play.

c) Waterproof and Mold-Resistant: Our toys are designed to withstand water exposure, preventing the growth of mold and ensuring long-lasting durability. This feature allows your child to enjoy their bathtub toys without the worry of water damage or unhealthy mold development.

d) Secure Construction: Each bathtub toy undergoes rigorous quality control measures to ensure it is securely constructed. From tight seals to reinforced connections, our toys are built to withstand the rigors of water play and resist breakage, providing durability for extended use.

We understand that safety and durability are essential factors when choosing bathtub toys for your child. Rest assured that our collection not only prioritizes these aspects but also surpasses industry standards, offering toys that are safe, reliable, and built to last.



Our wide range of bathtub toys for kids is designed to transform bath time into a magical and educational experience. From interactive water-spraying toys that create a splashy adventure to educational floating toy sets that enhance learning, our collection offers a variety of options to captivate young minds. By incorporating these toys into your child’s bath routine, you promote sensory development, stimulate imagination and creativity, and foster essential skills such as fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and early math and language skills. With our commitment to safety and durability, you can have peace of mind while your child enjoys hours of fun-filled play. Make bath time an exciting journey of discovery and learning with our exceptional bathtub toys for kids.


Packing list:
Children’s bath toys*1

"Children playing with colorful bathtub toys"

“Exciting and educational bathtub toys engage children during bath time.”

"Water-spraying toy in action during bath time"

“Watch as the water-spraying toy adds excitement to bath time play.”

Child holding a floating educational toy in the bathtub

Float and learn with our educational bathtub toy collection.

Parent and child bonding over bathtub toy play

Create lasting memories with your child during bath time.

Child holding a durable and safe bathtub toys

Durable construction ensures long-lasting fun and safety.

Product Image:

Weight 0.04 g
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 30 cm

Dolly Blue Algae Fish, Nemo, Teacher Lei, Ke Luxi, Yuner, Hank, Bruce, Malin


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