Primary school boys and girls backpack


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Name: Student Backpack
Fabric: Water-repellent nylon
Structure: 1 main bag 2 side bags 3 built-in computer bag

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Weight 0.38 g
Dimensions 350 × 400 × 100 cm

24style, 16style, 21style, 25style, 12style, 3style, 7style, 29style, 22style, 9style, 15style, 11style, 10style, 20style, 26style, 1style, 14style, 28style, 2style, 30style, 13style, 17style, 23style, 31style, 6style, 19style, 18style, 5style, 32style, 27style, 4style, 8style


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